Students with certain disabilities that interfere with their ability to work or attend college may be eligible for assistance through the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services Office. Rehabilitation services may provide assistance with all costs associated with school attendance. For additional information, contact the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services Office.

This Act was designed to provide training to individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, unskilled, or recently dislocated from a job because of layoff or plant closure. Assistance through the WIOA program includes tuition, fees, books, tools, and supplies. Eligibility for a daily training allowance is assessed on an individual basis. All of the WCC Health Science and many of the Career Technical programs are sponsored.  For information, contact the local state employment service in your home county.

Dothan Career Center  334-792-2121

Enterprise Career Center  334-347-0044

Eufaula Career Center 334-687-8251

This Act was designed to assist individuals in returning to suitable employment after becoming unemployed as a result of increased foreign imports. The TAA provides funds for individual referral training if the applicant meets all requirements. For information, contact the local state employment service in your home county.

Students who wish to utilize their PACT plan should contact the Financial Aid Office at 334-556-2474 or email All students should have their PACT plan in place prior to the registration period.

For information on PACT, visit the PACT website at If you have questions, please contact the PACT staff at 800-252-7228 or

Students may apply for a private (non-federal) loan. You (and your co-borrower, if applicable) should carefully research the options and apply for the private loan that best suits your needs. You will need to provide any documentation requested by the lender and follow the application procedure that is specific to the loan.

Steps you should take in the loan process are:
1. Complete the current year FAFSA in which you plan to attend.

2. WCC does not participate in the federal student loan program. But occasionally, scholarships, federal and state grants, and personal savings are not enough to cover your educational expenses. In such instances, you may wish to consider an alternative loan. Below you will find information which should help guide you to decide whether an alternative loan is right for you.

What is it?
Alternative loans are non-federal, interest-bearing loans through private lenders. Approval is not guaranteed and the student may need a co-signer with good credit to apply. There are a variety of alternative loans available and it’s up to the student and co-signer to decide on the one that is best for them. Lender requirements may vary and students should contact the lender directly for all eligibility requirements.

WCC offers an online loan comparison tool for you to use called FASTChoice. FASTChoice is designed to assist you in making the educational loan choice that is best for you.

FASTChoice is not a lender. Click HERE for more information and to get started.

WCC and its staff do not endorse or accept any incentives, financial or otherwise, from the lenders listed on FASTChoice. Lender information is provided as a courtesy.

NOTE: We will not certify or process a loan until you complete FAFSA.

Financial Literacy Resources

Wallace Community College does not participate in federal direct student loans. The difference between federal direct student loans and private student loans can be accessed here:

For more information about private student loans, contact

Robin Sasser,, (334) 556-2481